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Battle Arena Drones currently hosts two regular tournaments; BAD Sundays (the weekly Beta test) and Weekly Wreck-a-thons.

BAD Sundays

BAD Sundays is a weekly tournament-cum-beta test, where every Sunday, from 3pm (UTC+2), players can compete against each other in a thrilling tournament, whilst simultaneously beta testing BAD for the developers. Based on each week’s tournament, changes are made and patches are regularly released, thus making the game an improved playing experience every 1-2 weeks. The final BAD Sunday Beta Test Tournament will take place at rAge 2017.

Weekly Wreck-a-thon

During week days (Monday- Saturday), BAD's Weekly Wreck-A-Thon tournament is open to all players and runs all week, except on Sunday afternoons when BAD Sundays take place. Any patches made to BAD during the week can be seen in the tournament before the forthcoming BAD Sunday tournament takes place, however some patches are exclusively released for various BAD Sunday events, such as when new drones are debuted. Winners of the Weekly Wreck-a-Thon are revealed on Monday mornings once the previous week’s tournament has concluded.

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