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The Age of Kahless - First Blood

This is a game jam game we build for the Star Trek Jam

Game Story


rur ghung ghargh je jogh weH Hoch romuluSngan yo' ghup. Hoch yuQ Hej jo ghIq mej, 'ach 'argh, natlh, 'ej Hegh. 'ach HeghDI' qo'nos SIch ghargh je qo'nos wIb qo' ghup ghoj.

Like a hungry snake swallowing all the Romulan fleet raided the quadrant. Each planet robbed of its resources then left, desolate, consumed, and dying. But when the snake reached Qo'noS it was to learn Qo'noS is a bitter world to swallow.

Back story

The Romulan’s had broken away from Vulcans only 500 years previously. A young race, a race that was still to find its footing. With only a handful of sub light space craft still operational. Raiding parties left the safely of their new home world to look for worlds rich in resources they could plunder and bring home to Romulas to build their new empire.

In game text

English Klingon
story lut
skirmish tlhaS
volume muq
quit bup
new chu'
continue taH
back chap

Character Races and Items



Name Klingon Abilities Skills Attributes Image
Recruit bekk Move, Attack, Train (becomes lvl1), Build c(f=100),u=1,h=15, d=5, s=1, r=1, a=0, y=30, m=5, x=1
Private (lvl1) mang Move, Attack Rush, Leap c(f=100), u=2 ,h=25, d=8, s=.8, r=1, a=3, y=25, m=8, x=1
Corporal (lvl2) Da Move, Attack, Promote (becomes Warrigul Handler), Leap Rush c(f=100, x=2), u=3, h=30, d=10, s=.7, r=1, a=5, y=23, m=8, x=1
Leader (lvl3) Devwl' Move, Attack, Promote (become Warrigul Handler or Dahar Master), Leap Rush, Inspire c(f=100, x=3), u=3, h=40, d=15, s=.6, r=1, a=8, y=20, m=8, x=1
Warrigul Handler warrigul wamwI' Move, Attack, Summon(up to 3), Leap Rush c(f=200,o=200, x=4), u=2, h=38, d=9, s=1, r=1, a=12, y=30, m=12, x=2
Warrigul warrigul Move, Attack, Dig, Heal, Leap Rush, Sense, Rabid c(f=100), u=1, h=18, d=10, s=.4, r=1, a=3, y=15, m=18, x=1
Dahar Master dahar pIn'a' Move, Attack, Leap, Jump Rush, Inspire c(f=300, o=500, x=5), u=10, h=50, d=25, s=.7, r=1, a=12, y=30, m=10, x=3


Name Cost Abilities Attributes Image
Targ Farm(targh Du') c(f=100) f+=50, g+=110 h=120
Smoke house(tlhIch tuq) c(f=180) g+=1000 h=200
Abode(abide) c(f=100) b+=8 h=200
Command Center(ra' botlh) c(f=500) b+=10, g+=300h=800
Warrigul Pit(warrigul naHnagh) c(f=600) h=200, u=30
Blood wine press(press 'Iw HIq) c(f=400) h=350, u=40



Name Rank Abilities Skills Attributes Image
Slave Cacula (from roman) Move, Attack, Promote, Build c(f=80), u=1, h=18, d=0, s=0, r=0, a=0, y=30, m=5, x=0
Private (lvl 1) Decurion Move, Attack, Promote c(f=100), u=2 ,h=20, d=10, s=.9, r=10, a=4, y=25, m=8, x=1
Corporal (lvl 2) Lieutenant Move, Attack, Promote (becomes sniper) c(f=100, x=2), u=3, h=30, d=12, s=.8, r=15, a=6, y=23, m=8, x=1
Leader (lvl 3) Centurion Move, Attack, Promote (becomes sniper or spy) Inspire c(f=100, x=3), u=3, h=40, d=17, s=.7, r=18, a=9, y=20, m=8, x=2
Sniper Sagittarii (from roman) Move, AttackSense, Ambush c(f=200, v=3, x=4), u=2, h=30, d=20, s=2, r=30, a=8, y=40, m=9, x=2
Spy Tal Shiar Operative Move, AttackStealth, Sabotage, Assassinate, Spot c(f=250, v=4, x=5), u=10, h=30, d=15, s=.8, r=10, a=6, y=25, m=10, x=3


Name Cost Abilities Attributes Image
Farm c(f=100) f+=40, g+=150 h=100
Refrigeration Unit c(f=200) g+=1200 h=100
Habitat c(f=40) b+=6 h=100
Bunker c(f=500,v=1) b+=4 h=250
Intelligence Center c(f=800) h=150
Shuttle Landing Pad c(f=150) h=200


Name Klingon Abilities Attributes Value Image
Targ targh Move, Attack h=25, d=5, s=1, r=1, a=3, y=40 f+=200, o+=50, x=1
Sabre bear mIl'oD Move, Attack h=45, d=15, s=2, r=2, a=7, y=80 o+=300, x=5

Location Types

Plains Forest/Jungle Wetlands Arid Desert

Resource System

There are two general resources in the game. Food and Influence. In the case of the Klingons Influence is Honor and is earned killing enemies while for the Romulans Influence is just Senate Votes and is earned when destroying Klingon buildings.


Name Symbol
Food Storage[g] The amount of food that can be stockpiled.
Food[f] Food is collected by hunting of building a farm that creates food on turns. You will need somewhere to store food too
Honor[o] Honor is earned by killing your enemies, you can have no more then 1000 honor at any time.
Votes[v] Senate votes are earned whenever you destroy an enemy building, one vote for small buildings and 3 for large. You can never have more then 10 votes.
Beds[b] This is the number of beds you have available for your units. Effectively this is a limit on how many units you can have at any given time.


The game ticks over every 15 seconds. All food calculations are performed then. Bed checks too.

Non combat attributes

Attribute Meaning
Cost[c(f=?,r=?,v=?,x=?)] The cost is measured in both food and influence.
Recovery[y] The number of seconds a unit will take outside of battle (outside of battle is defined as been 5 seconds without battle) to fully heal. 0=No Healing.
Upkeep[u] Upkeep is the food cost per 15 seconds to keep this unit in game.
Movement[m] The distance the unit can cover in a second.
Experienced[x] If this unit has been involved in combat where a unity it was attacking was killed if gains experience. Experience can not go above 5
Vision[i] This distance a unit can see.

The Combat system does not have a random element to it. All combat is calculated directly.

Combat attributes

Attribute Meaning
Health[h] The amount of health the unit has.
Damage[d] The damage done each attack.
Speed[s] The number of attacks per second.
Range[r] The distance the unit can attack from.
Absorption[a] The amount an attack is reduced.

Combat skills and effects

Skill/Effect Meaning
Rush If a unit has full health and engaging in battle the unity will have 18seconds of speed and extra damage.
Exhaustion After an rush a unit needs to be a full health for 60 seconds before the rush can happen again.
Stealth A Unit can go into stealth mode so long as it is not currently in combat
Blood Wine A unit gains additional Absorption for 30 seconds. After that time the Unit suffers Hangover for 60seconds
Hangover Hangover slows a unit down and reduces the damage for 60 seconds
Sense A unit has the ability to sense stealthed units
Dig A unit can dig a hole and hide in the ground, while in the ground the unit can see what is happening around it
Sabotage A unit can place a bomb on a building that will detonate in 20 seconds, the bomb emits a small ticking sound but can only be seen by units that can detect stealth
Ambush The unit sets up a suitable environment to ambush from. The unit is not stealthed but will do additional damage from this position.
Inspire The unit inspires all units within 10m radius of it to have bonuses to damage done, these effects do not stack
Assassinate The unit can if right next to another and stealthed kill that unit. However afterwards the unit becomes marked. Been marked prevents stealth for 60 seconds
Marked You have been noticed and people are activity searching fro you. Stealth is no longer effective
Hunger A penalty of 10% on speed of movement and attacks do 20% less damage. Also units effected by hunger do not heal.
Fatigue When you have too few bed for the number of units you have your units will become fatigued. There food requirements double and there total health is reduced by 20%
Rabid If hungry the pet will turn on its anyone in its range. It will not be tamable after that and has to be put down.
Leap The unit can leap down off a ledge to the surface below.
Jump The unit can leap up from a surface to the surface above.
Spotter The unit can inform someone with the Ambush skill to aim further.

Early Progress


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