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Tutorial: Releasing Patches

This tutorial will teach you how to release additional patches after your initial version.

Creating a New Patch

To create a new patch click on the “Create New Release” button. You will be prompted for a name.

Once Release Manager has created the new folders for you, drag your new complete product into the corresponding platform folder. Make sure your executable file is in the root as shown in the image below.

ReleaseManager should now detect your new version.

Next compile your latest version by clicking on the button marked as compile. You will be presented with two buttons. The first will create a full compile as well as a patch from the last version to your new version. The second button will only create a patch.

Your version will now compile.

When the compile is done you can upload your new version to your server by clicking on the button marked as “Upload to Server”. Once your new version is uploaded to your server you can mark it as the active version.

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