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Tutorial: Your First Version

This tutorial will teach you how to create your initial version ready for upload.

Clean Project

At this point I assume you have a clean newly created project. Your Release Manager Window should look something like this:

All of the setup for your first version happens in the “Manage Releases” tab.

Selecting Platforms

It is recommended that you select which platforms you want to distribute to before you create your first version. This will ensure that all of the folders are created correctly for your chosen platforms.

(Currently Release Manager has a bug that does not create the platform folders on the first run, Please restart Release Manager, this should fix it for the time being)

Creating a New Release

(Due to the bug explained above please restart Release Manager before continuing). Next we want to create our initial release. To do this click on the “Create New Release” button. You will be asked to give the version an Identifier.

If done correctly Release Manager will create the proper folders for you.

Drag your product into the corresponding platform folder within the new version folder. Make sure your executable file is on the root as shown in the image below.

Compiling The Release

Release Manager should now detect the new version and indicate that it is ready.

To compile the new version click the “Compile button”. You will be presented with two options. The First will Create a full release as well as a patch, the second will only create a patch. Since this is your initial version only the first option will be available.

Your version should now compile.

Once the compile is done, Release Manager will mark the version as compiled.

Your Initial version is now ready to be uploaded to your server if you have already set up your FTP Configuration. Once uploaded you can mark it as active to indicate it is your current active version.

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