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Tutorial Release Manager Project Creation

This tutorial will teach you how to create a new project and what to consider when doing so.

Start Release Manager

First you need to click on the release manager icon either on your desktop or in your program files. The release manager is released using the release manager so you will be presented with a launcher like this.

Once release manager is up to date you can click the start button to open the tool.

Pick Project

The release manager will present you with a list of previous projects. If this is the first time you are running the Release Manager your list will be empty.

To create a new project click on the button labeled Other/New at the top right.

Select working directory

You will now be presented with a file dialog where you must select the working directory for the project. This directory should be empty and preferably in a location that you can access easily.

Create a new folder.

Confirm create new.

Configure your project

You should have an empty project view similar to this.

You now need to give your project a name and also select the type from the drop down and the platforms you will be supporting such as Win32 on the right.

Next tutorial Configuring FTP

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