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Tutorial FTP Configuration

FTP is the tool we use to upload files to our server for the Launcher to download. On the FTP screen we configure the FTP and we can monitor individual files that are being uploaded.

Release Manager currently supports FTP Passive and Active as well as SFTP.

1: Ftp Type

The Ftp Type is where you configure the type of FTP you will be using. Currently there are three types supported.

Type Description
FTP Passive Standard FTP in passive mode
FTP Active Standard FTP in active mode
DropBox Local This allows you to use your DropBox public folder to distribute your product.

While you can use standard FTP it is advisable that you use SFTP if possible for security reasons.

2: Ftp Threads

When the Release Manager uploads the files it can create multiple threads. This drop down lets you choose how many concurrent connections will be opened for uploading. Some online solutions only allow a limited number of connections.

3: Url

This is the URL of your FTP server. In the following format


If no port is specified FTP the standard default port is used for each type of FTP.

4: Username

This is the user name for your FTP account. It may be convenient to first test your credentials in an external tool like Filezilla

5: Directory

This is the path to the directory where the files need to go. Keep in mind many FTP solutions create an artificial root. This is the path relative to the root directory available when you log into the FTP.

6: URL

This is the final download URL eg: “”. The launcher will look here for the files once they have been uploaded.

7: Test

The test button will perform the following things in sequence and give feedback at each point if something fails.

  1. Connect to the FTP Server
  2. Login into the FTP Server
  3. Change to the Directory where files will be stored on the FTP Server
  4. Create a test file on the FTP Server
  5. Download the Test file from HTTP against the HTTP URL.
  6. Compare the test file once downloaded with the one uploaded.
  7. Delete the test file on the server

When this process works you should get a message like this

this means you are ready to start uploading releases.

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