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Setting up a freehosting solution

We are in no way affiliated with freehosting and certainly don't recommend it over other solutions. It is simply one of the free sites we found that could be used well with Release Manager.


First you need to register with the site. You will need a domain, you can purchase one from them (not everything is free after all) or you can point your own to their servers (for the more more advanced)

Order the free hosting when you are presented with the page below.

The free option is limited to 10gig of storage and 250gig of transfers. With Release Manager that will stretch quite far since updates are small.


You will need a domain for your games releases. I just redirected one of my own old ones to the server.

Check online

You should be able to see your hosting is live by browsing to the URL you specified.


Once your hosting is live you can log into your cpanel to manage it you should see a screen like the one below.

We need to create an FTP account to use with the hosting. Choose FTP Accounts and add your account on the following screen.

Pay careful attention to the username and the password you choose.

Setup Release Manager

In Release Manager you choose FTP Passive, add your FTP url, username and password.

The directory will be left empty since the FTP user account lands in the folder we will be using.

Our Web URL is similar to the FTP one but we add releasemanager to it as that is the location the FTP uses as its home directory. (see above)


Now when you test you should see the full round trip working (or find out what is incorrectly specified). For more information on testing see the FTP Configuration tutorial.

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