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Setting up a Dropbox solution

We are in no way affiliated with Dropbox and certainly don't recommend it over other solutions. It is simply one of the free solutions we found that could be used well with Release Manager.

NOTE: Dropbox public folders are now only available if 1. you already have public folders enabled or 2. if you are a pro or Dropbox businesses user.

Dropbox Account

Create your Dropbox Account.

Dropbox Local Folder

In order to create a local Dropbox folder you will need to install the Dropbox app that you can retrieve from their website

Dropbox Shared Folder

Make sure your Dropbox public share is enabled. For more information about Dropbox share you can see their official page

Configuring Release Manager to use Dropbox

First you will need to set the FTP type to “DropBoxLocal”. Next, in the Directory field you need to specify your local Dropbox folder. Finally in the url field you need to specify the url to that folder.

Since Dropbox does not allow you to easily get the url to a folder, you might need to make a temporary text file in the folder, you can then right click on the text file and select “copy public link”.

As in the picture:

. You will need to remove the last part until you are left with,

this will be your url.

Testing the connection

You can still do the test, at one point it will ask you to wait for DropBox to finish uploading.

Last Note

Before marking new versions as active, make sure that your local Dropbox folder finishes the upload.

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