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The application Launcher is the first thing any end user will see when they execute your application. It is completely customizable and the layout, function, and appearance can be changed over the life of your product without the end users having to reinstall your game.

Example Launcher

This is the Launcher form Battle Arena Drones. This was in fact the game we were building that we decided to create the release manager for.

A few features to highlight you can see on the page above.

  • The window has a smooth anti aliased edge with the background you are not limited to nasty OS windows.
  • There is a NEWS feed that is in fact just a url to a web page where news is sent out. (html 3.2)
  • Support button on top links to our forums
  • The central image is a promo image and will be refreshed daily
  • Setting button on top will open a setting screen for Unity specific settings

A few things you cant see that we should highlight.

  • Does not require Admin rights to update your game
  • Does not require the installation of any 3rd party run-times (works completely natively)
  • The full visual design is 100% customizable and will update from the net when changed

Launcher Unity settings

The launcher should be used to replace the standard Unity game launcher. This means that it must allow settings for your game. The setting button (you create on your launcher design) will bring up a menu like this.

Some of the features are only applicable if you add a small lightweight prefab to your start scene.

Visible features we would like to highlight.

  • Shows you the current available screen resolutions on the machine you are using.
  • The quality setting for Unity (this must be synchronized with your Unity setting)
  • Fullscreen option
  • Render options
  • Additional command line arguments

Hidden features we should highlight.

  • Keeps the screen size and full screen options synchronized between the game and the launcher
  • Fixed the command line full screen function (Unity does not always respect that option)
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