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Directory Structure of a Release Manager Project

The following is a break down of the directory structure of your ReleaseManager project.

Directory Description
launcher* All the files required for the launcher will be in this directory. The layout.xml define the layout the others are either images or fonts.
package This directory will hold the packaged files for each platform should you choose to build your own installation.
releases* This folder contains the compiled releases.
versions This folder contains the versions of your product you wish to distribute.
release.xml* This is the product's main manifest. It updates whenever your choose to take a new version live.
rm.project This is the ReleaseManager project file. It contains the information necessary to create your release.
rm.project.backup This is a backup of your ReleaseManager project file. This is created every time Release Manager starts and can successfully load the project file.

* This directories and files need to be uploaded online to make your releases work.


This is the place where you place all the versions of your application. Each version is in a sub-directory named as the version is.

So version 1.0.0 will be in


Inside the version folder there is a sub directory for each of the supported platforms.



and so on.

This structure will be built for you if you use the “Create New Release” button from the Manage Releases panel. Additionally the system will open that directory for you to view.

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