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The Release Manager has a build in diff compiler that achieves very small patch results. The compiler does take a bit more processing power and requires a fair deal of memory but the results are well and truly worth it. Take a look below at our own results with Battle Arena Drones using a different release tool and then the results using Release Manager.

Ver Competitor A Release Manager Saving
0.0.6 55,445 kb 922 kb 98%
0.0.7 55,359 kb 276 kb 99%
0.0.8We skipped releasing version 0.0.8
0.0.9 64,612 kb 2,774 kb 95%
0.0.9a 1,205 kb 7 kb 99%

This means that uploading your patch will take less time. Additionally is saves your users bandwidth and frustration.

The savings will vary depending on your product structure and additionally on how much you changed between releases and the type of files that were changed.

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