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Tutorial: Paint Scapes

This tutorial will teach you how to use Paint Scapes.

Setting Up

Our first step is to import the Paint Scapes package into our project directory.

Next we want to create the paint scapes manager object in our scene.

Set the working directory for Paint Scapes in our project.

Creating New Layers

Create Static Layer

Create Parallax Layer


  1. Block type: This defines the type of object created for import blocks.
  2. Pixels per block: The number of pixels on the width and height.
  3. Hide on play: If checked the layer objects will be hidden at run time. (colliders and other components will still be active)
  4. Sorting order: Sets the z axis offset for the layer object.
  5. Material: Able to hold a reference to the material you want to use for the created blocks when importing. If not set the default material will be used with the “Legacy Shaders/Transparent/Diffuse” shader.
  6. Pixels per unit: Sets the pixels per unity world unit.
  7. Filter mode: sets the preferred filtering mode for the textures. Point, Bilinear, Trilinear.
  8. Parallax multiplier: Specify the parallax multiplier float between 0 and 2. Parallax moves based on the movement of the camera tagged as “MainCamera”. a bigger number means the layer will move faster. 0 is stationary, 1 is equal speed to the main camera, 2 means twice the camera's speed.

Note: You can change a layer's name.

Building layers

Populate your layer with the appropriate structures.

Exporting Layers

Exporting your layer will take a series of images within the white rectangle that is displayed when selecting the PaintScapes object. On lower parallax multipliers and higher pixels per unit this may take a while. Only active renderers within the layer object will be captured.

Importing Layers

First set the path to the texture you want to use for the layer.

Next you can import. This will create a series of blocks as specified by your PaintScapes object.

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