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Database configuration

  1. Run the supplied rm.sql script to create the database and necessary tables.
  2. Insert admin access details to the database by completing and running the following insert command:
INSERT INTO `accesskey` (`key`,secret,email) VALUES ('TTG534TFRALWQYU120987NBALOPE231I630J2N','NGQgv19klWIC762L','');

Admin access configuration Set the database user, password and database name values in the connection.php file:

$username = 'username';
$pswd = 'password';
$database = 'dbname';


Name Group Description Features
Serial ManagementAdminProducts' serial number/pin managementCreate batch
Download batch
Assign serial
Access managementClientSerial number access and session managementRedeem serial
Token association
Token access
Create session
Touch session
Validate session
Invalidate session
Account managementAdmin client Register account
Update account
Activate account
Set account prefs
Deactivate account
Product managementAdmin Create product
Update product
Deactivate product
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