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Chain Lightning

Each successive bounce does more damage
if no target is found, bounce on same target
only dissipates if bounces on same target 3 times
Explodes instead of dissipating
if unable to bounce to enemy, bounce to ally instead


Drone Stats Value
Health 100
Shield 100
Shield Recharge Delay 10
Shield Recharge Speed 10
Shield Overcharge 2
Special Duration 10
Special Cooldown 60
Forward Speed 200
Back Speed 120
Strafe Speed 160
Aim Speed 130
Roll Speed 60
Boost Speed Multiplier 3
Boost Amount 100
Boost Drain 2

Tier customizations

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Tier 1 (starting weapon) Tesla Coil Rocket Pod Railgun
Tier 2 (trade off) More shield
Lower shield recharge rate
N/A Higher shield recharge rate
Less shield
Tier 3 (trade off) Higher primary damage
Less shield
N/A More shield
Lower primary damage
Tier 4 (trade off) Less shield recharge delay
Less shield
N/A More shield
More shield recharge delay
Tier 5 (passive) Extended special bounce range Lightning can bounce back to you Lightning gains a window in which to bounce
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