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The Duzzy is a general purpose drone engineered by Musk Industries that is fitted with various engineering tools. Repurposed in the Arena as a tough little drone with a backup shield and decent speed and turn rates, the Duzzy has been designed as a good starting drone to give players an opportunity to learn the ropes of the game.


The Duzzy has a super shield as its special. Once activated the duzzy's shield charges rapidly and can even overcharge.


Drone Stats Value
Health 120
Shield 100
Shield Recharge Delay 10
Shield Recharge Speed 10
Shield Overcharge 2
Special Duration 10
Special Cooldown 30
Forward Speed 180
Back Speed 110
Strafe Speed 140
Aim Speed 130
Roll Speed 60
Boost Speed Multiplier 3
Boost Amount 100
Boost Drain 2


The Duzzy is equipped with a Combat Shotgun

Function inspired by: AA-12 Shotgun

Weapon Stats Value
Max Clip Size 12
Fire Rate 2 per second
Velocity 25 ~3
Accuracy 70%
Reload Time 1 second per shell
Projectile Per Shot 7
Health Effectiveness 100%
Shield Effectiveness 80%

Tier customizations

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Tier 1 (starting weapon) Tesla Coil Rocket Pod Railgun
Tier 2 (trade off) More health
Less shield
N/A More shield
Less health
Tier 3 (trade off) Shorter shield recharge delay
Less shield
N/A More shield
Longer shield recharge delay
Tier 4 (trade off) More secondary ammo
Less primary clip size
N/A More primary clip size
Less secondary ammo
Tier 5 (passive) Double super shield charge rate Longer super shield duration 300% shield overcharge cap
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