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Drone Stats Value
Health 100
Shield 100
Shield Recharge Delay 10
Shield Recharge Speed 10
Shield Overcharge 2
Special Duration 10
Special Cooldown 60
Forward Speed 200
Back Speed 120
Strafe Speed 160
Aim Speed 130
Roll Speed 60
Boost Speed Multiplier 3
Boost Amount 100
Boost Drain 2

Tier customizations

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Tier 1 (starting weapon) Tesla Coil Rocket Pod Railgun
Tier 2 (trade off) More shield
Lower shield recharge rate
N/A Higher shield recharge rate
Less shield
Tier 3 (trade off) Higher primary damage
Less shield
N/A More shield
Lower primary damage
Tier 4 (trade off) Less shield recharge delay
Less shield
N/A More shield
More shield recharge delay
Tier 5 (passive) Extended special range 3 possible tethers instead of 1 Also drain health to charge shield
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