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A product of the Manson-Gifford corporation, the Banshee special features include an EMP which shuts down shields and resets cool down.


Drone Stats Value
Health 100
Shield 100
Shield Recharge Delay 10
Shield Recharge Speed 10
Shield Overcharge 2
Special Duration 10
Special Cooldown 60
Forward Speed 200
Back Speed 120
Strafe Speed 160
Aim Speed 130
Roll Speed 60
Boost Speed Multiplier 3
Boost Amount 100
Boost Drain 2


Weapon Stats Value
Max Clip Size 100
Fire Rate 16 per second at max speed
Velocity 20
Accuracy 80%
Reload Time 4 seconds
Health Effectiveness 100%
Shield Effectiveness 90%

Tier customizations

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Tier 1 (starting weapon) Tesla Coil Rocket Pod Railgun
Tier 2 (trade off) Higher fire rate
Less shield
N/A More shield
Lower fire rate
Tier 3 (trade off) More primary clip size
Less damage
N/A More damage
Less primary clip size
Tier 4 (trade off) More health
Less shield recharge rate
N/A More shield recharge rate
Less health
Tier 5 (passive) special affects in sphere instead of cone special prevents shields from recharging special resets cooldown on affected drones
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