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 ====== Darryl ====== ====== Darryl ======
-Darryl is bassed on a movie from 1985 called [[|D.A.R.Y.L]]+Darryl is based on a movie from 1985 called [[|D.A.R.Y.L]]. In the film there is a question central about what is real life. Darryl as such is better at staying alive although his efforts are pretty basic. 
 +===== Playstyle ===== 
 +Darryl attempts to get into an optimum distance to attack. While attempting to avoid your fire radius he will move around and attack. 
 +He has no memory of you when you leave visual range. 
 +===== Goals ===== 
 +  * Teach aiming and distance management. 
 +  * Force players to learn environmental awareness as they fly.
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