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 |{{bad:​duzzy.gif?​128}} |[[bad:​duzzy|Duzzy]] |[[bad:​musk|Musk]] |[[bad:​duzzy#​Weapon|Combat Shotgun]] |Active: Shield boost | |{{bad:​duzzy.gif?​128}} |[[bad:​duzzy|Duzzy]] |[[bad:​musk|Musk]] |[[bad:​duzzy#​Weapon|Combat Shotgun]] |Active: Shield boost |
 |{{bad:​duke.gif?​128}} |[[bad:​duke|Duke]] |[[bad:​musk|Musk]] |[[bad:​duke#​Weapon|Double Barrel Shotgun]] |Active: Bull Rush | |{{bad:​duke.gif?​128}} |[[bad:​duke|Duke]] |[[bad:​musk|Musk]] |[[bad:​duke#​Weapon|Double Barrel Shotgun]] |Active: Bull Rush |
-|{{bad:​shark.gif?​128}} |[[bad:​shark|Shark]] |[[bad:​mansongifford|Manson Gifford]] |50cal Machinegun |Active: Frenzy\\ Passive: Stealth Detection ​|+|{{bad:​shark.gif?​128}} |[[bad:​shark|Shark]] |[[bad:​mansongifford|Manson Gifford]] |50cal Machinegun |Active: Frenzy |
 |{{bad:​banshee.gif?​128}} |[[bad:​banshee|Banshee]] |[[bad:​mansongifford|Manson Gifford]] |Minigun |Active: EMP Scream | |{{bad:​banshee.gif?​128}} |[[bad:​banshee|Banshee]] |[[bad:​mansongifford|Manson Gifford]] |Minigun |Active: EMP Scream |
 |{{bad:​wasp.gif?​128}} |[[bad:​wasp|Wasp]] |[[bad:​k13|K13]] |Pulse Laser |Active: Stealth | |{{bad:​wasp.gif?​128}} |[[bad:​wasp|Wasp]] |[[bad:​k13|K13]] |Pulse Laser |Active: Stealth |
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